Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fedrigoni paper brief

The whole thinking behind the paper lions was that I would create a stampede of origami animals filmed in stop motion and then finished with the tag line, 'doing something with paper'. Unfortunately as you can see below origami isn't for me.

Anyway, the whole idea is a bit crafty and childish rather than designerly and awesome (which are two criteria I try and make all my work fit) so after a full 5 hours sleep, 3 hours of trawling my memory and the internet for some inspiration and 2 slices of toast I remembered some animations made by design firm HunterGatherer and quite like the idea of using paper to do something more like this or this. I really like the second of those two videos and think that a paper version could go quite well. I first came across HunterGatherer whilst trying to find a snazzy case for my laptop and their woodgrain cases looked super cool. Unfortunately I couldn't get one in the UK at the time so I shall have to settle for using their ideas rather than their products.

The idea of geometric paper shapes also allows me to use my paper pyramid things I have been playing with recently. Here is an example of a rough I made whilst mocking up a birthday card I made for my sister, the pyramid had another paper pyramid inside, and inside that was the message 'your face smells like poop'. She is 26 and a doctor but still appreciates a poop joke. I worry about her

The next 6 or so hours shall see me raiding my room for any coloured, textured or random paper and turning it into various shapes, i may even attempt to make myself a tune to go along with the animation in garageband.

Ill post again later with some images.

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