Saturday, 5 December 2009

Guest Lecturers

I know the point of a blog is to post up small nuggets of info, as and when it happens, but when one has let himself slip and needs to catch up he is allowed to bend the rules a bit I think. 

So far I have sat in talks/ lectures from quite a variety of people, recent graduates ( Alex Ostrowski), Masters students (Helen Murgatroyd), accomplished designers in the fields of moving image (Johnny Hardstaff) and typography (Hamish Muir) and young designers wanting to shed some light on what life as a young graduate is like (Craig Oldham). Amongst all these speakers have been the usuals of Graham Jones and my other tutors Mack Manning, John Hitchens, Sue Platt, Liz Wheeldon Wyatt and Clinton Cahill. 

Ill write and post up the notes from my various lectures under seperate headings later, but thought it would be good to let people know that I have been attending the lectures, i've just had a slow start at writing them up.

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