Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More Access Project bits and bobs

After breaking myself playing on my bike in the snow this morning (amazing how dodgy a skid can be when you're in the snow) I decided to take the afternoon a little easier and have been working on some Access Project stuff.

With my access project work I was asked to create a logo and also some promotional booklets to go send out and raise awareness of the charity.

Here are my favourite logos so far

The booklet drafts can be seen up on Issuu in landscape and portrait versions. Simple, clean layout with nice big bold imagery. I'll have a muck about later making titles a seperate colour to body text, annotating the images and maybe reducing the image size a bit to make it less in your face. 

As usual any input to making things better, or just general chat is more than welcome

p.s. here's a little picture i drew for a calendar I'm thinking of making for next year. 

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