Sunday, 11 April 2010

Eurghhhhh, help please

Fancy something different? Go Travelling! This is another post deliberating over the work I did yesterday.
I'm trying to create a poster about travelling to accompany a short piece I have written. This morning I changed a few things to the work I did yesterday and think it's improved but I'm still not overly keen on the final piece. My attempt at making a 50's style promotional poster has fallen a tad short of the mark. Not sure whether to sack the idea of and go back to an original idea that I had last summer. The old idea is pretty conventional and the photography isn't good enough quality to blow up to the A1 size that the finished photo is going to be but it is easy enough to do. 
Opinions please

p.s. I have just realised that i have the sea in green and the continents in blue......cheers to my mum for spotting that one

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