Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mocked up

So then, after a day of graft, a visit to staples (and homebase, although that was less useful) and a few select swear words I have created a mock up for my new 'A Guide To' book. 
It's going to be about 1cm wider than A5 for the time being, and basically it's awesome. Japanese stab stitched with a whole bunch of cool stuff going on inside, most of which has already been mentioned but there will be some surprises.
About 40ish sides, not really sure anymore, it's hard to count due to the amount of things that pull out and fold etc. Im sure the printing stage will still be super hard but now that I have a rough mock made up I feel great about the whole thing.
I also managed to write up six of my sixteen sections of copy so thats pretty nifty. 
I would take some bad pictures but they would be exactly that, bad. When I start to get some images involved I'll start putting some pictures up.

Till next time

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