Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cool Stuff

First of on my two strong list of cool things is the 'So You Need A Typeface' poster

Based on a list of top 100 typefaces the poster gives you a nice flow chart to follow through before arriving at your decision. Would love to see one up close and go through the lot and since they're only 20ish dollars I may get myself one to satisfy my inner type geek. See more about it here and here.

Second on my list of awesome stuff is an app for the iPhone that has been made for the Museum of London that uses geotagging and the iPhones camera to position you and then allow you to look at items from the museum, positioned into their natural environment. This looks like it would be so much fun, shame I don't have an iPhone really. Have a look at teh creative review article here.


  1. Seriously considering a typeface poster, not sure where I'd put it or if I'd use it but I want one