Sunday, 25 July 2010

To follow up from earlier...

Here are some terrible pictures to show the development of my map based notebook. 64 blank pages to write on, the opposite page is a detail from the original map. The very centre spread features a double page spread of the map detailing. 

For production versions I think I would screen print lines and maybe page numbers onto the blank pages. Also I would like to use a news print or butcher paper style stock to make things a bit crisper. 

Shall be talking to some folks later on an idea of how to further push the idea so further refinements and additions shall be made.

The book is created by printing A4 pages of the scanned map, cutting down to A5 and stacking the resulting A5 images all in the same direction and stitching with a simple saddle stitch. Hence the reason for the double page spread in the middle and the first half of the book having the image on left hand page and the second half on the right hand side. The cover is thick card with a description and space for writing the owners name affixed across the spine. This would definitely be changed for production of the notebook

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