Friday, 24 September 2010

Union Design

Anyone who reads my blog may have noticed that I have been making a whole bunch of designs for the refurb of my University Union. Unfortunately they used pretty much nothing I worked on, as in nothing. After spending a few months doing work for walls and maps and floors and so on I was told that stuff either wasn't appropriate or couldn't be afforded so eventually I took one of my designs for an icon and re-appropriated it to be used elsewhere.

What started as a project I was really excited about ended up being a mess and some work that I'm not especially proud of. Such a shame that things turned out this way.

Go to my website  to see some more of my thoughts and more of the work.


  1. these are cool though...nice work - do you need it photographing better? no offence intended

  2. Haha, the photos were taken on my camera phone, which were then sent via picture message to my sister so they could be emailed to myself....some of your pHoggotography could be very useful