Monday, 13 December 2010

Adidas Forum Hide and Seek

As the little description of myself on the top right of this page says I'm currently (amongst other things)working for Adidas.

Two days a week I drag myself out of bed, switch the content of my bag from OWT or MA related work to my special Adi notebook and laptop, hop on my bike and find my way to the offices. My job itself is designing olympic branded clothing and assosciated merchandise, points of sale and so on. As well as this I help out making presentations and researching various events (wish I could share some of the stuff I've found, but not allowed).

What I can show you though are some of the recent editions to my shoe rack. The current highlight of my new found employment  is definitely staff discount and specials. The 'hide and seek' version of Adidas's Forum trainer isn't available in the UK unless you spend some serious money importing from Japan, so imagine my surprise when I picked up a pair for less than the price of a weekly bus pass. Good times.

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