Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Book Is A Book

Since September I have been studying on an MA in Graphic Design and been looking at the question of 'What Is A Book'. The idea is that by looking closely at the publishing industry and the way that is changing due to increased readership, the role of e-books and other digital media and also publishings rich history I will have a much better understanding of how to work in the publishing Industry.

After a lot of research into what various people (so far the interviewees include several design students, an english teacher, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, some writers and myself) think about what makes a book a book I have started to gather all the info together and am now in the process of documenting my findings.

The layout of my book (and also online pdf) will have a question per double page spread, with the initial question and interviewees response on the recto page and my response, plus the aim of the question on the verso.

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