Thursday, 23 December 2010

ilovedust "The Black Book”

The ”Black Book” from creative agency ilovedust contains new works from the last year, both commercial and personal. Housed in a recycled black stock slip case with gold foil illustrations adorning the outside, the book is 44 pages in capacity and features new work for Nike, Toyota, Kiehls and the Ride Journal.

I love ilovedust, they do some absolutely stunning type and illustration. Would really like to see what life at a studio like theirs (in fact they have a few studios, any will do) is like. Maybe I'll send off a few emails one day when I'm not up to my ears in MA work.


  1. They take on people for internships, one of the guys in work was there for a while and knows them quite well, I can maybe get a contact if you want to get in touch with them?

  2. That would be amazing, need to figure out some time when I'm off of the MA though. May have to be September....Thanks though