Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Book Is A Book Is A Book...Isn't It?

My MA studies are going rather well at the moment (I think so at least), and the pinnacle of my achievements so far is this book right here. At the moment it isn't printed as some images will be added and I need to figure out my printers current love for making everything go wonky. There are also some issues with alignment in a few places but I'll get my guides up and have that sorted in no time, just wish I'd seen them before I uploaded this draft.

So, 'What Is A Book' I'm still not entirely sure, but I'd be peaking early if I'd already figured that out.

Would like to say thanks to everyone who helped out by asking a questionnaire or having an interview with myself.

Will upload the newer, image laden (I say laden, there will be five images) one when I get a chance.

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