Friday, 4 March 2011

OWT Exhibition

For the past three weeks OWT have had an exhibition at Cord Bar in Manchesters Northern Quarter, it came down just yesterday to make space for the brilliant Daren Newman who's exhibition shall be starting on March 10th. (Daren will also be doing the cover for OWT 5, which shall be making it's way to the printer next week).

So how did the OWT exhibition go? Opening night was a pretty surreal evening, no doubt helped by the free Becks (thanks lovely Becks people).

As 7pm turned around and people started filtering in we were all very happy to be able to see that at least a few people were turning up and soon enough it went full on rammed. By 9 it was packed, the free booze had run out and things were going better than we could possibly have imagined. So if you turned up, thanks. It was a great feeling to see so many people enjoying themselves and hear so much nice stuff said about the zine and everyone in it.

Can't wait for the next exhibition.

Would like to thank everyone who helped put the exhibition up, came, provided slides for our interactive display, provided booze, bought zines and artwork on the night...also thanks to Jodie Guest for the photos.

And some other reviews.
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