Friday, 22 April 2011

Computing Felines

Myself Jon and Sarah from OWT took the trip to Leeds yesterday to see the opening of CF studios, a new space inhabited by Lord Whitney and Dan Lancaster and despite public transports best efforts at ruining the day it was a great trip. They have such an amazing studio space we all left a bit jealous. Jons Kitchen/lounge just wont cut it anymore I feel.

As part of the studio warming we were asked to bring something made from CF, so a few hours before we were set to leave Sarah calls me up asking if I could draw one of my random little pictures.

See, the work that I actually make for briefs, clients etc is one thing. The work I produce randomly during OWT meetings and when I should be making real work is this:

Computing Feline/Cat Finances.
There will be some proper photos and  a better write up going on the blog soon.

Thanks to Lord Whitney for inviting us and best of luck for the future of CF studios

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