Saturday, 28 November 2009

Im just a tad late...

We were supposed to have started this blog malarkey way back in September, but as the saying goes, 'better late than never' so here it is. A blog dedicated to my life as a 3rd year Design student at Manchester Metropolitan. I did (and infact still do) have a blog/website at but it was time to move with the crowd and get a blogger account.

I have plenty to catch up on, films I've seen, lectures, exhibits and workshops I have been to, work I've done, yet to do, am in the middle of, need to send off for etc, people who inspire me, books on design, books on art history, books I have read before bed, doodles, research, sketches, mock ups, samples, one offs, things I do for my friends, experiments with layouts, new techniques and of course plenty of stress about how I can never get my printer to do what I ask of it.....enjoy.

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