Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hello? Here are some photos of planes

It's becoming apparent that this blog is the digital version of speaking to myself, but I'm not one to worry about signs of madness so I shall continue.

Here are some of the edited images I took in the photography suite a few days back, they aren't finished by any means, and I'm currently playing with the idea of creating a short video of my planes being emptied from the top of a building and the reactions of the public. It will be a right pain to make another couple of hundred of planes and film it all but if it works it could be incredible, some ambient music (explosions in the sky, phosphorescent or sigur ros probably) over the image of paper planes floating around, confused but smiling people below and the 'doing something with paper' logo fading in to finish before showing the Fedrigoni paper logo and the address of the exhibition space. Could be quite nice that couldn't it?

Here are some images for your viewing pleasure/amusement.

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