Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Work so far

Other than being late to write up my lecture notes what have I been up to so far this year? A question I have asked myself on more than one occasion I assure you.

So far this term we have had two briefs set for us, the first was split into two parts and asked us to investigate and create a body of experiments in answer to the question, What is silence? The second part to the Silence brief was to reevaluate these experiments and create a folding document that relates to the original idea of silence or could be used in an Amnesty International campaign for free speech. 

Our other brief has been to answer one of the many competition briefs made available to young designers through D&AD, YCN, ISTD and so on. I chose to answer  a brief set through Fedrigoni paper company asking to raise awareness of their London exhibition/showroom space. 

I have also been writing my 3rd year essay, it still doesn't have a title, but when it does it will be a shortened version of this sentence A look at how popular culture and the media have affected T-shirt design, and how T-shirt design has affected popular culture and the media as you can see, its not really a snappy title yet. The bulk is done though and its just a matter of adding some images, rephrasing some things and then it should be done. Ill make a copy to put on Issuu so that anyone and everyone can read it if they should chose to do so. 

Other than the set briefs and essays I have been attending workshops like Lucy's bookbinding, Ian Anderson's presentation workshop and I shall be creating an answer to Johnny Hardstaff's brief soon. Johnny has asked us to invent and document a narrative for an object, I'm thinking of ways to tie this in with my personal project and essay before I start going at it and end up having to restart or submit something I'm not happy with.

My personal project is also approaching, I have a few ideas but ill disclose those at a later date.

Work that I have done so far can be seen on Issuu, (thats the link from the brown shelf at the top of this blog) so far it's just a look at the book I created for the Silence brief and some work from over summer but I'll add some more work soon.

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