Thursday, 10 December 2009

PDP meeting

I had my PDP (personal development plan) review today with my tutor Sue Platt. The aim for the PDP review is to help us as students see how we are doing in respect to workload, quality of work and also a look at what our aims for the rest of the year are.

I took my Silence book with me, some print outs from my/this blog and a board with concepts for the Fedrigoni paper brief. I also filled out my learning agreements and evaluative pieces, describing how I feel the course has been run, and how I feel Im doing.

So how am i doing? To start with Sue was really happy with the improvements I had made since my early experimentations and agrees that I'm pretty much finished, just need to iron out some of the little issues I have before the Christmas break and it'll be done. Can't wait to get it done, photographed and put into my portfolio. Have really enjoyed working on it, but need to pt my effort elsewhere.

The Fedrigoni paper brief was met with mixed reviews from Sue, she enjoyed the idea of the paper planes and really liked the 'doing something with paper?' logo, but wasn't sure if there was enough to make a full campaign from. There needs to be more 'done with paper' to make it work. Sue also suggested bringing in some of the techniques I had learned and enjoyed from my book binding and silence book work into the Fedrigoni brief. 

On the subject of what to do with the rest of the year we discussed several options and I think we both agree that selecting another competition brief might be best. In the next few days I will reprint and finish my silence brief, then re-read the briefs and see which ones I can make work with my current fixation with making books and manipulating paper.

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