Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Silence brief, actually finished

I haven't said too much about the silence brief that was set for us at the start of this year. We were asked to explore silence in any form and then come up with some sort of folding document to show our experiments. After a pretty disastrous start I managed to pick myself back up and made the quite nice book that can be seen here, there is a link to it in the shelf thing at the top of my blog as well. To finish the book off I made a foldout dust cover that not only documents my trials and tribulations of creating the piece but also has a nice bit of embossing on it. Of course due to the fact that its a very soft embossing of the word silence its almost impossible to see in the terrible photo I have taken below, but you can just about see the risen letters if you squint. 

There is also a picture of the folded out poster/dustjacket. The jacket also contains a small thumbnail of all the images used in the book. Im very happy with it and am glad its over so I can concentrate on other projects. Probably one of the projects I'm most proud of since I've been at uni, really nice to be getting good feedback for it.

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