Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My list of followers doubles

It would seem that my inane writings about paper, printers and mac suite technicians is proving so popular that my readership has literally doubled over night. So I'd like to send a big thanks to all the followers of my blog. Merry christmas Arran and Betsy


  1. I preferred i when I was your sole disciple. Your paper proceedings certainly felt very exclusive and I was, albeit for a short time before people got wind of your arty antics, a little bit special. (I'm a fan of the incessant inclusion of awesome alliteration wherever possible.)
    I'm surprised you don't have more.You update constantly and your writing style is ace. Very witty. Post your posts on facebook to really get people on board!

  2. nah, i think it works better as an underground blog for the real fans of my work. If i got too many followers i'd only end up getting an ego, and no-one wants that