Monday, 11 January 2010

All in a days work

So far today I have finished sourcing (and in some cases re-sourced) images for my essay, added them into the text and neatened up some of the copy so it's ready to print and hand in. Hopefully there won't need to be any changes to this version.

I have also made 2 tweaked versions of The access Project booklet, as usual links are in the issuu shelf above. Or click here to see it in green and here for a blue one with some extra amendments. Not sure about that front cover. Ill work on it some more in the morning.

I have also bitten the bullet and put some of my hard earned/borrowed from the government cash into getting some magazines so the Peter Saville and Beams T editions of Arkitip Magazine will be winging their way to me soon. When I get them I'll take a few pictures and might even show off the rest of my book/magazine/journal collection.

I managed to get 2 magazines and postage for about £65, when you consider that they would be $90 before postage directly from Arkitip I think I got a bargain, not sure my housemates will agree though.....I got them from and suggest you do to.

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