Monday, 4 January 2010

A present from me to me

Bought this book a few days ago on Amazon with some of my hard earned pennies and it has finally arrived. Had a quick flick through and it is amazing. Different to most books that I buy in that it is an overview of 100 of the best graphic design based books, rather than a look at individual artists/ designers but its a really good looking book. Covering books from Pentagram, Joseph Muller-Brockmann, Paul Rand, Neville Brody, Peter Saville and a whole boat load of others I'm sure i'll be keeping it close by.

Also at only 16.99 and free delivery it's a steal. I know that buying from Amazon doesn't help book stores like Magma and The Cornerhouse but if they hadn't noticed I'm not exactly brimming with cash at the moment so perhaps a sale everynow and again guys? 

p.s. If there is a sale at Magma or The Cornerhouse can I please have some money/books for thinking up this incredible idea

p.p.s The book is called Bibliographic and is by a bloke called Jason Godfrey. Make Jason happy, buy yourself a copy

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