Sunday, 3 January 2010

One in 8million

One in 8 million documents individuals from New York and is a great way to spend some time just relaxing and having an insight into how other people live their lives. a series of photos and a monologue from the person makes this link  a must click. 

I enjoy some of the stories a lot more than others, several of the stories are about triumph over adversity, whilst others may just be about people who eat lunch at the same place each day and the way that their life revolves around getting their daily sandwich. Other stories talk come from youths caught up in gang culture, grandfathers educating their grandchildren, shoe collectors and various eccentrics. Thanks for Ruben from howies for posting the link, i've really been enjoying listening to the stories inbetween doing my own work. 

Also if anyone has some spare cash I'd really like a houseboat...when I was a tad younger I really wanted to build my own house. I blame Kevin McCloud and Grand designs. Yet now I'm a little bit older and the economy is a whole lot worse I realise that my dreams of building my own home probably won't be an option for me. However, when one door closes another opens. Or in this case perhaps port hatch would be a better word. Think about it, Houseboats.....the homing solution of the future. I like sailing, I like boats, I like being able to pootle about wherever and whenever I want, I also like having outdoor space. These are quite hard to do in your normal 2 bed flat. So if anybody fancies lending me some cash ( I could draw you a picture in return perhaps?) I'd be quite eager to pop down the marina and get myself a boat. In the meantime I'll work on getting some nautical themed outfits ready.

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