Saturday, 2 January 2010

So, new year it is then

First and foremost I'd like to say happy new year to my 5 wonderful followers, if you're reading this but don't follow me then happy new year anyway. 
I spent the last hours of 2009 playing board games and watching films with my family, not the most exciting way to say goodbye to the 3rd decade that i have lived in during my 23 years but I'm feeling a tad ill and in all honesty I cant say no to a good game of scrabble.
I think that entering a new decade is quite appropriate for us lot graduating this year. Finishing Uni will certainly be a big departure for me, I'm still unsure of what it is I want to with all my new found knowledge and debt but if I can have as much fun in the next few years as I have in the last few then I really don't mind where I end up.

I suppose I actually need to finish my work before I can finish Uni and on that note here is some work for the charity 'The Access Project'. For those of you who don't keep abreast on my latest news 'The Access Project' or TAP as it shall now be known is a charity that gives deprived kids the chance to go to uni. For more news on what they do and where visit the weblink hidden in this text. Good stuff I'm sure you'll agree.
So my first ideas looked like an accident at a cub scout/army/football club badge makers but I have gone away, regrouped, watched some more BMX videos, had a couple of biscuits and created these ideas. Still not the best but its a step in the right direction.

The paper plane theme seems to be reaching the end of its limit. As a metaphor for achievement, hope and helping its not the best, but, really how many more charity logos with hands, doors and soft type treatments do we need? So it may still not be right, but TAP is a different charity so deserves a different logo. I really think that what Alex (director of TAP) is doing is incredible and deserves work from my end that shows a similar level of work and commitment. 

So, the work is far from finished but I'm liking how things are progressing and I'm hoping that I can really get some more ideas nailed soon before I get bogged down with being back in Uni worrying about whether or not it's rude to have more than 2 cups of tea a day from the shared bags and milk supply....

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