Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I started this brief the other day for something to do, to try my hand at a new technique and to see how quickly I can get an idea to paper from my head without all the faffing of endless sketchbooks, bodies of experiments and so on. Just taking a thought and making it happen. 
So when I got up this morning I had a go at producing a simple yet good looking reply to the Don't Panic brief. Building upon my little attempts the other day I have now got the poster below to show for my efforts. The Idea being resistance fighters and how we romantacise the word 'freedom fighter', and use the word 'terrorist' for evil factions. Even though they are exactly the same thing, just seen from different sides of the argument. 
The effect is used to help with the feeling of a skewed, unclear view on how we view the freedom fighting/terrorist debate. 
Click the image to make it A3 so you get the visual effect better. Standing away from and at a slight angle to the image makes it appear better.

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