Monday, 25 January 2010

Since Im not doing anything better...

I've got a bit of time free before we need to start making attempts at 2nd term so I thought I'd do another brief and also try my hand at something I've always liked the look of since I saw a soulwax album cover ages back. A quick tutorial from youtube later and here are my attempts at hiding text and image in lines and dots. I thought this technique would work well for the Don't Panic brief which asked us to explore what teh word Restriction means.

1st attempt looked pretty dodgy

2nd was too small

3rd was a change of dots to lines and it all started to look a lot better

This was probably the best effort

my house mate nick didn't believe I'd done it so asked me to do one of Man City football legend shawn Goater...nothing to do with Restriction but it was a laugh

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