Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today I shall mostly be interneting

First of all, is interneting a word? If not, why isn't it. We need a snappy, to the point word for saying 'going on the internet' which I'm sure we can all agree takes up far too much time from our busy schedules. 

So Interneting, I do it regularly, sometimes i internet for so long my head hurts and I forget to have lunch, but today it had a purpose. I have been whiling the hours away looking for images to accompany my newly re-mastered and re-written essay 'How The T-shirt Became An Icon', of course it would have been far easier to get the images whilst writing the essay, but as the saying goes, the easy path is seldom the most rewarding. 

And so here is my reward of sorts, for not only have I found a selection of images to make my essay look all kinds of wonderful, I have also found a few websites and blogs I shall go back to and look at even when I don't need pictures of obscure print t-shirts and the like. 

First up is The Selvedge Yard, all manner of subjects from Hells angels, Hunter S Thomson. Sinatra, LA gang culture and all kinds of Americana are documented with some reet good photography. Lots of motorcycles and men with a well cut jib.

Second is the merge record labels art department blog. Basically the thinking behind making well crafted, good looking record covers and associated paraphernalia for some truly great bands. Here is their poster for their 20 year anniversary

 All in all a cracking days interneting has been had, work has been achieved, new things have been found and I've even learnt a thing or two. 

Links to these and several other people/collectives/things that I like can be found down to the bottom right of your screens under the heading 'I Like These Things'. Whilst editing the layout and adding that rather nifty feature I also took the liberty of changing 'friends' to 'hombres', I think its a bit more personal that way.

Peace out Hombres

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