Friday, 8 January 2010

More interneting

Another taxing morning of interneting is behind me and I am now in possession of pretty much all the images I need for my essay. Just a matter of getting them into the text now. I have a feeling that laying out all the images isn't going to be half as easy as I want it to be and Ill probably end up spending all monday adjusting and manipulating various bits and bobs to make everything fit together. 

I shall be heading back up to manchester tomorrow ready for term to restart and I feel pretty good about hand in day on the 22nd. I have completed the Kino4 and Silence briefs, am going steady with The Access Project and just need to pick up my Fedrigoni paper brief where I let off at the end of last term. Hopefully there won't be too many hidden surprises and mistakes on the way to getting everything finished.

Really been struggling to actually do any work today due to a combination of factors:

  •  i'm tired
  •  it's boring
  •  there are dehumidifiers running full blast to try and dry out the parts of my house that got flooded when a pipe burst, they arent quiet and the house is really dry. 
  • I found out about the parrot helicopter and have been imagining how awesome it would be to own one. check it out on this video


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