Sunday, 10 January 2010

Arkitip magazine

Quite simply the most stunning magazine available in my humble opinion, $185 for a subscription may be a tad expensive but it really isnt when you consider how much an individual magazine is. Plus you get cool gifts as well, awesome. 

Each magazine is curated by an artist/designer so has a different feeling, but they always end up looking incredible. Steven Harington, Parra, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey and Peter Saville have all  contributed recently. 

Im having a debate inside my head as to whether I can afford to subscribe, and if not do I buy a cheeky set of back issues? Maybe do both? Do I scour the internet for cheap deals? Would my money be better spent on Grafik?
Should I use the money to buy a bicycle that isn't permanently broken? Should I buy an A3 printer? Tough decisions indeed.

Here are some cover shots from the Harington, Parra, Saville and Fairey editions.

as printed matter goes it's pure gold, expect a post soon saying how I cant afford to buy food or print things but have a great magazine collection

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