Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Superdead is a new brand from skateboard distro's Twodist, Hitch (one of the third year tutors) had put up a notice saying that they wanted someone to do some logo work for them and I thought it would be quite a cool brief to answer, and a change from the more serious work I've been covering recently.

Here they are

I was asked to make the logo with a focus on tribal imagery and voodoo mask style accents to it, with plenty of personality. I really like the bottom row of designs and think they could look even better with a splash of colour in there. The original idea of making the mask skateboard shaped evolved to make it a more interesting figure, but the skateboard wheel eyes have stayed. I wouldn't be embarrassed at all to wear a t-shirt with it on or chuck some stickers on my bikes so at least I can say I like it...

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