Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More superdead and some other stuff

So I sent off my logo's to TwoDist yesterday and am waiting for some feedback, fingers crossed on that. I made a coloured version last night whilst waiting around on some other stuff and think it looks even better like this 
The skateboard shape is still visible in the outline of the head and the wheel eyes get a bit hypnotic with the added colour. Might send this in as well so they can see a version with some colour in it.

I finished of my CV last night, not entirely sure whether I have all the correct info on there as yet, but at the mo it fits perfectly onto 1 side of A4 and looks (in the words of my housemate, purveyor of all the thinsg snazzy) 'very snazzy', a compliment indeed. I'll put a picture up at a later date when I can be sure of all the info in it, I think I'm selling myself a bit short in an effort to make the layout work but have always been a fan of short, to the point CV's as apposed to longwinded efforts that never get read.

Also a life long ambition has been achieved and I'm finally getting the opportunity to work with fellow student Chris Scanlon. I would link to his blog, but he is a waster and struggles to clean and dress himself in the morning so he doesn't have one. He does have access to a vinyl printer/cutter though so expect some snazzy laptop stickers and what not to be coming your way soon. 

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