Sunday, 28 February 2010

TQ Magazine

This may seem like a lot of words and not many pictures (in fact there are none at all) but please stick with it, click the links and leave some feedback if you have the time.

At the start of this term I had a chat with my tutor Sue Platt about what to do for my personal projects and we decided that after my work on Silence and The Access Project more work involving layout would be a good choice for me. So a bit more chatting, some input from the rest of my tutor group and a few minutes later and it was decided that i should try and re-design some existing magazines which lack a graphic design angle, turning them into magazines which are both exciting to look at and informative to read. They type of magazines suggested were Teaching and Medical supplements, magazines with something to say, but struggle to get the point across due to poor design.

After a bit of research and further chatting (never has a brief needed so much chatting before) with some teachers that I know it seemed that rather than re-design magazines which have limited space and funding and surprisingly poor content, I should create a new magazine which aims at a slightly younger demographic. Basically a magazine about teachers, not teaching.

So after yet more chats, asking my Sister and her teacher friends to write me some articles I have come up with my new Magazine. Teachers Quarterly (TQ) will be a magazine written by its readership about their experiences, loosley based around four seperate events in the teaching calendar. 

Aimed at young and new teachers the purpose of the magazine is to show what teachers in different parts of the country are experiencing, what they look forward to and dread, the good points and bad points of being a teacher, opportunities etc rather than the wealth of other magazines available which focus on teaching practices exclusively.

So here is a first draft, some of the stories are waiting for their words and images and the cover is in the very early stages of design but there are 7 double page spreads and a contents page to have a look at whilst I get round to doing the rest. 

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