Monday, 8 February 2010

Valentines day

What with valentines day approaching and the need to try and be a bit proactive in our attempts at raising funds for the end of year show we will be having a Valentines day jumble sale on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 
I thought I'd show my romantic side by making some cards for the event. So after raiding my paper box for all the red paper I could find, spending a few quid on some A2 colourplan and a few hours cutting, sewing and getting in a muddle I managed to create 17 cards.

5 hole saddle stitched, hand made cards with a heart cut out and red inlay. Wonderful stuff. No idea how much I'll sell them for. Someone else can decide that for me. Maybe a quid? If so thats a possible £17 raised. However, they might not sell at all and it could be terribly upsetting for myself.

When making the cards I had originally thought a bit about not using the traditional cliched ideas of hearts, roses and red, but then I thought about something Ian Anderson said to us during a workshop. I'm paraphrasing here but it went something like "sometimes the obvious solution is the best one, if I need someone to get me an item of a high shelf and I ask someone 7ft tall why I should get him to do it, the answer is 'because I'm tall' not 'because I have a keen interest in shelving." So, even though I could be alternative and more creative, what people want at valentines is hearts, and that's what they're getting. 

If you want one, let me know. 

Took the pictures with photo booth and havent flipped them, the actual cards do open the correct way, don't worry.

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