Thursday, 18 March 2010


We (3rd year D&AD) are having a show based upon the theme of panic coming up soon, we are meant to be showing a rough version of what we're doing today so I pulled this together over a few export strength Guinness's last night. I was much happier with it last night than I am this morning, probably something to do with the aforementioned Guinness but hey, it was St.Patricks day and it's only a rough.

All the little woodland creatures are meant to make a face and there will be some type talking about woodland areas being taken over by evil conglomerates added at a later point once I've repositioned everything and changed the background out (that was never staying, it was just an experiment). The panic part of the brief is answered by the panic of the poor little animals worrying (in fact panicking) about where they will live, and then people worrying about how we have squandered all our countries areas of beauty and nature in an effort to get more supermarkets.

I think this piece is heavily influenced by the greatest kids TV show/books ever 'The Animals Of Farthing Wood', what can I say, I was an impressionable child.

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