Monday, 22 March 2010


Been a while since my last update, to be honest I'm not entirely sure when it was but anything more than 2 days is a year in blog time. Blog time is closely linked to dog years I think.

Since then I have had a radical overhaul (read slight redesign) of my magazine spreads. Am in the process of getting 30 or so different variations mocked up for the cover and spreads, have got the cover and 1 set of spreads ready, just need to do a contents and another set of spreads.

Also have in the last few hours turned my Animals Of Farthing Wood themed Panic project into something a lot nicer to look at, look at it here of course it's still not finished, my colours are way out of line. Need to make the reds redder, greens greener and blues, yes you guessed it bluer. Other than that not much to do except play about with paper stocks and get it printed ready to be handed in on Friday.

On a different yet slightly related note I left my gallant steed (bent and rusty bicycle) in my house for about a day and a half and upon my return I realised it was covered in tiny spiders so not entirely sure how much I want to campaign for protection of the animals anymore if they're just going to start messing my stuff up.

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