Saturday, 27 March 2010

Next project

Even though my previous project is far from finished I have started to put some thought to my next work. After my tutorial on Thursday I had a decent idea of what I wanted to do and the last few days have seen me mull it over in my head whilst getting some odds and ends tied up.
The idea behind my new project is to combine everything I like and enjoy into one. So, the design practices that I enjoy are image making, typography, layouts and grids systems, book design and fabrication. I'm not saying any of these are my speciality but they are what I enjoy doing and the idea of doing something I don't enjoy makes no sense. 
So what will this typographic book with set grid systems and a variety of images be detailing? Basically everything else I love, Wes Anderson Films, the music of Broken Social Scene, Postal Service, Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse etc, riding bikes, cooking, Rugby, T-shirts, Summer, the sea, drawing, singing badly, walks in the countryside, traveling, bad jokes, in-jokes, alliteration, word play, the environment, the cities of Swansea and Manchester, hating on trains, new things, collecting junk, putting up posters, going out, sombreros, my box of shoes, new books , good jeans, good friends and a I'm sure more than a few other things may get the nod before I'm done.
Other than making a book (working title is 'A Guide To.....') I also need to make some business cards and a website, make a journal, sell and print some T-shirts and before all that I need to go see the work I shall be exhibiting at Noiselab Manchester from Tuesday to Saturday this week.

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