Friday, 9 April 2010

Been busy making posters

Other than looking at modern versions of Edward Hopper paintings (see post below for more details) I have also been making some posters for the music section of my book 'A Guide To...' 
First of all picking my four favourite songs to try and represent was near impossible so after spending most of the morning on iTunes doing nothing I went on my 25 most played tracks list and picked four at random. I have yet to attempt designing a poster for my fourth and final poster (Swimmer by Broken Social Scene) but here are the other three in internet book form. Some of you may remember I actually did one of the posters a while back, but it's had a subtle tweaking since then to bring it up to par. 
Now I need to figure out how to perforate, fold and sew them into a book. Yay

Look at them here

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