Sunday, 30 May 2010

'A Guide To' Book is made

My 'A Guide To' book has finally been put together after many weeks of dilly dallying and putting it to one side I finally took the time to print it out, trim it down and mount it together. There are some errors, mostly the large posters are the wrong size due to a printer error at uni. Also some pages are trimmed in a way that cuts into the text due to a combination of print errors and trim errors. For the most part though I'm very happy with how it has gone together though.

Now called 'Why I Hate Trains & Other Stories' here are a few pictures to show how it looks.

Now to do the several million other tasks I need to do before hand in


  1. bellisimo!! loving the white space on the front cover!! what does your old man think?

  2. He's not seen this version yet, hopefully he'll like it. Cheers for the compliments Alex