Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Feeling that my latest works are all too self absorbed, and more importantly they were annoying me and I fancied doing something else for a bit I spent last night making the poster below. Due to a combination of  stupidity and a lack of effort the photo is on its side. Oh well

The poster was made for the Don't Panic competition and revolves around the idea of Albert Einsteins quote 'Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it feels like a minute, sit on a hot stove for a minute and it feels like a minute'. The word Don't Panic want us to work with is time, and I think it fits nicely. 

In other news my 'Why I Hate Trains...' second draft isn't going to plan and neither is much of anything else. Thursday (the day before hand in) will be fun. For now though I'm off for a few chilled beers in my friends garden whilst I write learning agreements and catch up with some chat. Life is far too short to be worrying about such trivial things as sketchbooks when the sun is shining.

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