Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Access Project

As my work placement draws to an end I can safely say that Gyro:Hsr is a very nice, easy going yet highly professional place to work. Unfortunately, it's not for me I don't think. Would like to try my hand in the print industry for a while at least.

On the subject of print a new version of The Access Project PR booklet is underway. Just need a few images and quotes to round it off. Hope it drums up lot's of support for the guys there.

Also my project with redesigning the union starts monday, cleaning, painting, conceptualising and all kinds of designerly stuff is going to be going off. Can't wait. The vomit inducing colourways of previous examples are being sorted, the imagery is also being sorted, it's an exciting time.

Finally go to to see what Manchesters premier design collective looks like.

EDIT: you may notice that I have started to switch between fonts for my posts. Typography is an expression of how you feel when writing as well as what you're writing. Helvetica isn't fun, interesting or even particularly readable. It's council housing for letters (or maybe that's Arial?) either way, Times is easier to read, traditional and due some good press. Helvetica can go do one. Next week I shall be resurrecting comic sans from font purgatory...

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