Sunday, 29 August 2010

New & Improved, again.

Been working away on a variety of projects recently. Personal work, freelance, MA studying, designing the student union and a couple of shifts on the weekend making cocktails for the people of manchester.

So here's how each of them is going.

Personal work is making sketchbooks, drawing and sketching, writing down quotes from the millions of films I've seen recently.

Freelance work for The Access Project is going swimmingly with an amended version of their booklet available to be seen by clicking this lengthy sentence right here.

MA studying comprises of myself trawling the internet for articles about the replacement of printed design by more modern devices and debating whether or not that a 20 word article written on a Spanish blog will be a viable reference point.

Designing the union is taking its time and more updates on that will be coming soon.

I am partcularly happy to announce my work with Stephen Bean, Kat Currie, Sarah Stapleton and Jon Hananananananananaaan on OWT creative is gathering steam. Check out our new blog here.

As for making cocktails I make a great fruit daiquiri.

Enough from me, enjoy the bank holiday

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