Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Statement of intent...

Get past the dubious sounding title to this post and you will find a few words speaking about what I want to do for the rest of the academic year, here they are

Evaluation of Learning/ Statement of Intent

I would say that my year so far has been a mixture of successes and failures, with the successes outweighing the failures.

My work done early in the year lacked any real punch or point and has been discarded, and happily the work that has arisen from it though is some of the best I’ve done so far.

Obviously I want to continue to produce more of the latter and less of the earlier style of work so I am trying to create briefs that will suit my style and objectives as well as resulting in an interesting and varied Portfolio at the end of the year.

I hope to have my answer to the Fedrigoni Paper competition completed early in January and I can use the rest of my time to iron out any problems with Silence, and also finish my personal project.

For the personal project I will be producing a logo and sponsorship proposal booklet/pamphlet for The Access Project, a charity set up to give students from low income families the chance to go to university. I chose to accept the offer of the project as it would be nice to have work I’m producing actually help someone, and also the pamphlet side to the project allows me to continue with my book binding and paper folding fixation, yet use it in a more business orientated style and less crafty/arty than my current work.  I hope to have the research and rough works finished by the time I’m back at uni and can finish it off with some help and direction from tutors/peers.

Where I would like to go next semester is a difficult question to answer, so far rattling around in my head I have ideas for projects based in t-shirt design and print, look book/catalogue design and smaller book design projects. Having spoken to Sue for my PDP I am confident that I could get a good title for a brief, perhaps picking from the current crop of competition briefs available and reworking them to be suitable. I would quite like to continue with small book binding projects over the year, regardless of whether they contribute to my final mark or not.

Really what I want to achieve in the next semester is a good looking, well balanced portfolio that shows I am skilled in many different areas of design, yet still has a character and individuality to it. To make this happen I think that I need to push myself harder and get more involved with out of University projects. Also I need to make sure that I make the most of the tutors and really start thinking about where I want to see myself in the future. At the moment I think that I lack a bit of direction and that until I can find out what it is that I want to do exactly I will struggle.

Overall I think that if I can finish with a 2:1 and a better understanding of my own style and abilities I will be happy. Of course I would love to do better and want to be able to finish Uni saying that I did the best I could do. The next semester will be spent trying to make that happen.


There you go, how I feel about the last few months output, and how I hope to spend the next few words. Enjoy

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