Monday, 15 March 2010

What's happening

Well I've not been the most productive of people recently, doing lots of stuff with TQ magazine for the most part and after printing out 125 pages of development and a 12 page 'best of' version I decided that amongst other things it was the wrong size and the type was too large so am back to square 1. An amended version will be up soon - I'm literally working on fixing it up as I type this, and they say that men can't multi-task.

Also had a chat with the people from The Phil Thomas Foundation which was nice. They help people involved with Graphic Design get work placements and financial help. I had a little chat about my portfolio after and James (creative director at Realise Agency ) seemed to like what I was doing, which is nice.

Not a whole lot more to say than that so I'll stop now. Bye

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