Thursday, 1 April 2010

243 pages of Teachers Quarterly Magazine

In an effort to show how I have developed and integrated my cover, contents, and 2 spreads for TQ magazine I have created a hefty PDF for you to browse over. Look at it here if you fancy a browse.

The aforementioned 243 pages show various stages of development (but by no means is this the only work I have done on the subject) for my completely made up magazine TQ, or Teachers Quarterly to give it it's full name.

I'm quite happy with most of the work and think I'm almost there but also realise that I'm far from finished and can't wait to see the issues that printing throws at me.

To be honest I'm pretty excited about my next project and want to get this done so I can start getting crazy with my next brief. Currently spending most of my spare time envisaging various layouts and odd pull out/pop up/spinning/folding options.

Also got a few ideas going round the old noggin for my journal layout and presentation.

Decisions, decisions

here's a funny little vid from Nike to watch after you've exhausted your eyes looking at my development work

Enjoy and have a good easter


  1. woweee! page 56/57 gave me a semi

  2. thanks for that nugget of info, I'm scared to go in the studio now