Saturday, 24 April 2010

Footy fundraiser

After a whole load of hard work from Jon Hannan and Arran Murphy the D&AD 3rd year footy fundraiser took place last night. 

I was playing with 'Hitch's Heroes' alongside Year head Jonathon Hitchen, tutors John Spencer, Allan and Graham Jones, Code Computer Love's Winni Tse and then the rest of the numbers were made up by students David Hodkinson, Mark Edwards, Fran Roberts, Arran Murphy and Jon Hannan. We looked resplendent in our lovely red t-shirts and after a brief warm up (chatting about how unfit we all are, and how soon we were going for substitutions) the game was underfoot.

Don't think we need to say too much about the game, mostly because it went in a blur, I was no where near as good as I made myself out to be but managed to sneak in a goal shortly after the second half began managing to bring our scores equal. Eventually it was a draw at 7 all, think it ended up well. Big thanks to Graham and Eddy for taking turns in goal, not fun to do when there's a crowd.

Trophies were handed out, players puffed and panted before getting pints at sandbar and we all agreed it was a resounding success with somewhere in the region of £250 raised. Just a shame that I will now associate the degree show with Chris Scanlon getting the golden boot.

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