Sunday, 18 April 2010

Panic exhibition opening night

Now then, my last post documenting the Panic exhibition was hardly in depth so here is a slightly better go at it.

The exhibition was a resounding success in the fact it was busy, the work was well received and everything looked very professional. A few of us even got asked for our work (I wasn't amongst those asked, except for by my parents. I'm not sure that counts) and I think someone got asked to do a series of book covers as a result of the exhibition? Again, that person wasn't me so I'm not entirely sure how it happened but congrats to who ever it was.

Massive thanks to the people involved with getting it organised and Caitlin for her brilliant promotional posters and flyers. 

If  I have learned anything about making work for an exhibition it's ask what other people are doing, or at least check their websites/blogs etc, not to influence your work, but just to see what the general feel of each piece is and whether yours will fit or clash with that feel. I think I'd have been super panicked if I hadn't had a look at the other pieces, since mine was coming from quite a different angle.

Secondly, make an effort to have a look at the work when the exhibition isn't rammed full (i.e. go back after the opening night) Although it's nice to have a full exhibition room it doesn't make it easy to view the work when there is a crowded room. 

Here is a picture of my work at the exhibition, stolen from Betsy's blog

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