Saturday, 17 April 2010

To Do List

1 Finish TQ Magazine spreads.
2 Start Journal.
3 Complete mocking up spreads for 'A Guide To...' book.
4 Experiment with paper stocks for 'A Guide To...' book.
5 Make rough prints of 'A Guide To...'book.
6 Create website.
7 Add stuff to my Behance page, join 5oup and other self promotion sites.
8 Make some fancy business cards.
9 Look for jobs.
10 Look for internships.
11 Ride my bike more.
12 Sort out my big box of paper.
13 Take some pictures whilst the weather is nice.
14 Finish reading the books I got for christmas.
15 Go food shopping.
16 Find a retro boombox for cheap.
17 Get a haircut.
18 Print T-shirts for fundraising.
19 Get new print cartridges
20 Get a proper sketchbook for my 'A Guide To...' book.
21 Draw more.
22 Organise my finances.
23 Sort out a bbq

Admittedly not all of these are paramount and could be pushed off the list but the above list is just a snippet of what I need to get done. Of course priorotising is the name of the game so numbers 23, 21, 11 and 16 shall become my number 1 aim and the rest can sort themselves out as and when required.

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