Friday, 22 January 2010

The calm after the storm

So 1st term portfolio hand in day has come and gone, so I have a few days to spend doing whatever I like and adding the finishing touches to my essay to hand in by the 1st feb.
So some magazines I bought ages ago had been returned to the post depot and I finally got the time to go down to the post office to collect them, seriously that place is designed so you can't get your post, closed by 2 monday to thursday and only open to 5:30 on a friday. So if you have a job, or go to uni you need to wait for a lull in your day to day events to go pick up your post.
It was worth the wait cos I am now in the possession of 2 copies of the magazine, a nice Peter Saville print and file box thing and an Arkitip/Beams T/Michael Leon T-shirt.

I also went to the huge effort of putting up a whole bunch of posters from a book I bought ages ago, 101 gig posters. I used to have about 6 up on my wall before I got bored of dropping blu tac on my bed. I now have 30 up there, some are from bands I haven't really heard of (I don't normally like to put stuff up/associate myself to things I have no idea about but have made an exception here) and some aren't the strongest designs but I really like the band. Regardless of who and what they are my room certainly looks a lot more colourful.

I thought I'd also drop in a photo of my work area and part of my bookshelf, if you see any titles you want to borrow just let me know and ill get them to you to enjoy before we get swamped with work again. 

no idea why this photo keeps coming up sideways, just tilt your head...never looks this uncluttered when I have work to do, but having some time off means I can clear the crap off and start building up new piles of rubbish.

I've been doing all this wonderfully interesting stuff to a wutang clan vs the beatles album I suggest everyone listens to. I can't stand most of new hip hop or even old hip hop to be honest, too much bragging about cars, guns and money and other stuff that doesnt really matter, but put one of the finest rap groups ever over samples of the beatles and you have a money maker. What makes it even better is that its free to downolad and stream online. It's certainly a departure from most of the music you'd find on my i-tunes and a little change is good I think. 

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