Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Today I'm going to be making my first cycle voyage since my little stumble on monday. I can now seperate my life into two distinct times, before the crash (bc) and after the crash (ac). Jokes aside Im hopping onto my sled in an effort to go watch MMU Rugby Union play Manchester University. I was chairman of the club up until earlier this term when balancing my rugby playing, chairmans duties and uni work got a tad difficult and after 3 years of doing it I had to step down as chairman.

It's a shame I haven't been able to do both as I really enjoyed the duties whilst I had them (probably a case of rose tinted lenses there, in fact it was a massive annoyance for the most part) but uni has to come first.

So, what have I been doing at uni? Well I found my niche yesterday as a departmental tour guide, if I somehow flunk the rest of the year I might try offering my services as a tour guide full time. The reasoning behind my guiding was to show some of the students hoping to get a place on first year the uni and then also to sit in on their interviews and see what they were like.

Having seen some of the students abilities make me wonder how I was able to get straight into the second year, but I'm here now so I'm not that worried....lucky me I guess.

Also Arron T has put up a second run of TeeTwelve t-shirts, this time I'm involved which is nice.

buy some, and also buy my cards which I'll put up later in the week.

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