Monday, 8 March 2010

Screen printing and magazines

In an effort to get some screen printing under my belt and actually complete a brief after a period of non-productivity I volunteered my services to make some t-shirts for my friend Liz who is standing for VP Education officer. She provided me a woefully undersized picture ( about 6cm by 4cm.....) and some words, I made the image into a halftone, the words into some Helvetica bold and the an hour or so later i had 3 T-shirts.

Thanks to Alex Hoggarth for the help and the picture.

Other than the T-shirts I have been continuing my work with TQ magazine, still not finished, in fact it looks like precious little has been done. In fact I have been working away but it seems after my initial efforts it's getting harder to make things fir and look nice. Need some inspiration to come my way soon.

Till then here is a look at a second version of my TQ - 'best of'. Enjoy 

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